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"Discover the Amazing Secrets to the Ten Steps Trading Strategy This Self Employed Dad Uses to Consistently Profit From the Stock Market" "A Strategy So Simple Anyone Can Do It, Even A Complete Novice To Trading Working For Less Than An Hour A Month"

I learned what it was that moved the markets, and why over 90% of people who trade end up holding losses.

I learned how and when to buy, and how and when to sell, so that when I was buying I was buying low and when I was selling I was selling high

apparently includes some ‘great secrets’ which very few have figured out for themselves (especially novices)

Not everybody likes that I assume you know nothing about trading. In order to understand the ten steps you must understand very basic ‘technical indicators’, like support and resistance levels. If you know that already I apologize.

Not everybody likes that I leave out so many other important technical indicators, like bollinger bands, elliott waves and something from Fibonacci (the three favorites). The ten steps is structured to be as simple as possible. It doesn’t need to be bogged down with over complication, nor do the users.

Those with an investor mentality don’t like the fact that it ignores complicated company fundamentals like balance sheets, PE ratios and annual reports (to name a few). On the contrary the ten steps strategy uses the only fundamental that really makes a difference.

The dividend re-investment crowd don’t like that you don’t leave your stocks alone and let them grow into mighty retirement funds. My experience with this strategy is why I started trading for myself in the first place.

Some don’t like that it doesn’t take advantage of the sometimes dramatic swings we see during a trading day. Whilst there’s nothing…

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