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If you’ve been investing in stocks for a period of time, you’re probably subscribed to several newsletters, maybe some membership sites… And you may have tried some of the automated software that GUARANTEES to make you rich… And chances are you were a little disappointed.

And of course there’s the stock market guru’s (Does Jim Cramer ring a bell?). These guys obviously know what they’re talking about… Oh, wait a second, I just checked on some “guru” recommendations….

Funny how they didn’t mention anything about the markets almost becoming completely wiped out over the last year… But I can’t blame them because…

Don’t get me wrong, I subscribe to a few “insider” newsletters, and even though they cost me an arm and a leg some of these guys (Guys that I can count on one hand) have proven to be profitable over the years…. But even these guys didn’t see this massive crash coming…

Back in 2000-2003, I probably set a record for picking losing stocks… I’d go for high risk short term gains, and I nearly lost everything.

I was desperate to get my money back, I just had no idea how to do it. I tried some new trading systems, but nothing seemed to bring the results that I was looking for.

I was in panic mode… Banging my head against the wall wondering how I was going to get my retirement back on track… Pay for my kids college… And if things got much worse I was even worried about losing my house and putting food on the table… It was a very scary time.

I didn’t know where to turn… So I called up a good friend of mine who is a FANTASTIC computer programmer… But…

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