Avvo Didn’t Take Too Kindly to Goat Lawyer

This morning I committed Avvocide. That is, I edited my Avvo profile in such a way that it caught the attention a community guideline guy at the company. At least for a short period of time, though, people searching for a Goat Lawyer could find one. Me. I even got a rousing endorsement from a fellow lawyer.

Alas, my profile was stripped within a few hours and I’ve been reduced again to a mere mortal, at least by Avvo standards. Surprisingly, though, I got boosted to a 9.2 rating as Goat Lawyer. I’m now an 8.1, and probably dropping fast. Plus, I seem to have been stripped of certain privileges that go with being a non-goat lawyer.

If you missed Goat Lawyer, here’s what it looked like for a short period of time this morning.

Goat Lawyer

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