Approaching the Subject of Elderly Abuse to You Loved One

Not knowing how to help a loved one when you know that something is wrong is one of the most torturous feelings one can feel. Generally , it will be very tough for your loved one to discuss what is going on the cases of senior abuse . There are very valid reasons for them to be reluctant . Whomever is abusing them may well retaliate if they speak up . There is a chance that they’ll pay for anything to anyone, especially since it’s not likely that the elderly person  will be transferred from the nursing facility that night. They may have been threatened with retaliation beforehand .

In order to seek elder abuse help, the victim must talk about what’s happening unless there are several other ways to prove that abuse occurred . If you step into their shoes for a moment, you’ll quickly realize that this might be humiliating . Older people in this situation are basically asking their children, or even grandchildren, to protect them, which obviously means that they’re incapable of doing this for themselves. Anyone can comprehend why this might be a hard step to take. It doesn’t get any easier when you’re a senior citizen, either.

If you suspect that nursing home abuse or neglect is a problem , it may take a while to get the person to speak up . This is particularly true in cases where there are no physical signs and in situations where the abuse is specifically sexual, and where there may be serious and legitimate issues about embarrassment . If there are signs of physical abuse present on the victim , you should interfere right away . These include bruises, cuts and burns. You should also search for the telltale signs of outright neglect.

Many older people need help bathing. However, no elderly person should be suffering from poor hygiene or the ailments that accompany it if they are receiving professional care. Watch out for these signs as they are often the first signs of elder neglect You’ll also want to keep an eye out for signs that your loved one is getting too much or too little medication. Some conditions that come with age are degenerative, but too much degeneration in a short time should be considered questionable . If your loved one has been abused, a nursing home neglect attorney may be able to get financial compensation for you and your loved one.

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