Alzheimer’s Diagnosis is Rarely Disclosed to Patients

Q. My mother, Lorraine , is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. We think it began ten years ago when she started showing signs, but no one knows for sure. She went to a doctor for physicals every year, and seemed to be in good health, except she had what we thought were “senior moments.” When her forgetfulness began occurring more and more often, we started assuming she had some sort of dementia, and it turns out we were right. We just wish the doctor would have told us, so maybe she could have planned better and participated in trials for medications. Is it common that doctors don’t tell their patients of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis? Why would they do that? Also, with my mother already being in a nursing home, her assets are being wiped out quickly. Is it too late to plan for Medicaid Asset Protection? 

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