Alzheimer Families Feeling ‘Betrayed’ as Respite Centre Shuts (Ireland)

Alzheimer Families Feeling ‘Betrayed’ as Respite Centre Shuts (Ireland)

Alzheimer families feeling ‘betrayed’ as respite centre shuts

By Andrew Phelan

June 25 2009

OPPOSITION is growing over the latest hospital closure to hit the health service — the summer shutting of a newly refurbished respite care unit at Cherry Orchard.

At least 25 families caring for elderly relatives including Alzheimer’s sufferers will be affected by the imminent move by the HSE.

Fearing disruption to the respite services, they are mounting a protest campaign demanding that the closure of the Beech Unit be called off, and claiming they had been “betrayed” by the Government.

Families from Ballyfermot, Clondalkin and Palmerstown are all set to be affected and some patients claim they have been told to look for private care in homes in Harold’s Cross and Lucan.

But the HSE denied that the unit would close “indefinitely”, insisting it would be up and running as normal again in October. The Executive also said those who could not be relocated elsewhere in the hospital would be sent to nursing homes as close as possible to where they lived.

A protest was mounted outside the hospital gates on June 19. A public meeting will be held in Ballyfermot next Tuesday to discuss the planned cuts and to organise support.

Lesley Gaynor, one of the main organisers of the campaign, said he had been inundated with phone calls since the announcement was made.


Lesley and his family care for his father-in-law and mother-in-law in their house on Kylemore Road and he says the short breaks they get thanks to the respite care are “a godsend”.

A spokesperson for the HSE blamed the closure on a combination of summer being “peak holiday period” and large numbers of staff being absent on maternity leave

SOURCE: – Dublin,Ireland
Family carers must be given the support to enable them to take regular breaks from the daunting tasks they undertake. Some studies indicated that carer’s fatigue might lead to elder abuse.
I do not thing we can begin to understand the toll of these dedicated family carers. Those in government must ensure that these carers are given the support; afterall, they are really saving the community a lot of money in undertaking those caring tasks.

………………. AC

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Police Need Help Finding a Woman Accused of Elder Abuse (CA. USA)

Bakersfield police need help finding a woman accused of elder abuse

6/24 /2009

Bakersfield Police need help finding a woman accused of victimizing an elderly person.

Police say the suspect stole property, and money from the victim’s northeast Bakersfield home.

The suspect is 24-year-old Lauren Ruth Vance, the incident she’s wanted for stems from a burglary in April where authorities say Vance was familiar with the elderly victim, and cased the home prior to burglarizing it. “The elderly are more vulnerable, they come from a time period where they want to trust people.” said Detective Mary DeGeare with the Bakersfield Police Department.

It’s that trust police say may have been violated Vance allegedly broke into a home in April, stealing money, and property from an elderly resident.

“She knew them, she was familiar with their habits, with their assets, and waited until they were not home, and planned and participated in the burglary.” said DeGeare.

Police say Vance is wanted for residential burglary, grand theft and financial elder abuse.

“Financial abuse to an elder is financial suicide.” said Sandy Morris, with the BPD’s crime prevention unit.

Morris say in these types of situations, where the suspect knows the victim, then takes advantage of them, it can be especially damaging.

“If you and I get taken advantage of, we buy something that’s bogus and we have to recoup the money, we can go to work tomorrow and make it back.” said Morris.

“But a senior has no way of doing that.”

That’s why Morris says it’s important to keep a watchful eye on your elderly residents.

If you have any information on this case, or know the whereabouts of Lauren Vance.
You are asked to call police at 327-7111.

SOURCE: KGET 17 – Bakersfield,CA,USA

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Kiwanians Hear About Elder Exploitation (FL. USA)

Kiwanians hear about elder exploitation


The program for the weekly Kiwanis luncheon on Tuesday, June 23, was presented by Glenda F. Swearingen, an attorney from Marianna. Swearingen’s practice focuses on elder law, and her topic Tuesday was elder exploitation in Florida.

According to Swearingen, “exploitation” is when a person in a position of trust and confidence by deception or intimidation obtains, uses, or attempts to obtain or use a vulnerable adult’s funds, assets, or property with the intent to temporarily or permanently deprive a vulnerable adult of the use, benefit or possession of the funds, assets or property for the benefit of someone other than the vulnerable adult.

Common types of elder exploitation are: identity theft, imposter fraud, mail fraud-solicitation, moving scams, investment scams, long distance calling scams, home repair fraud, charities fraud, telemarketing fraud, and water softener scams.

Sadly, the most common exploiters of the elderly are children, with other relatives or friends also common. Least likely are the siblings of the elder person.

A test for these scams is, IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS!

If you know of or suspect exploitation of a vulnerable adult, Florida law requires everyone to report the problem to Adult Protective Services immediately. The Florida Abuse Hotline is 1-800-96-ABUSE. The Florida Elder Help Line is 1-800-963-5337. The Florida Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-500-1119.

SOURCE: Chipley Bugle – Chipley,FL,USA

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Promoting Bill to Combat Elder Abuse (MI. USA)

Promoting bill to combat elder abuse

Last year, over 16,000 adults were abused, and it’s estimated that 73,000 adult abuse cases go unreported every year.

June 29, 2009

UP legislators are in Marquette Monday promoting a bill that would combat elder neglect, emotional, and physical abuse.

The bill would also focus on financial exploitation of the elderly.

It proposes tougher punishment for those committing offenses.

The legislators conducted an informal meeting at the Senior Center in Marquette today. Unfortunately, nobody attended the meeting, but with a 40 percent increase in elder abuse in Michigan, lawmakers say the issue is extremely important, and the the bill needs to be passed.

“Sometimes the people that gain these peoples trust are than taking their money, they abuse them in someway, and we just want to make sure that doesn’t happen,” says State Representative, Steve Lindberg.

SOURCE: WLUC TV6 – Marquette,Michigan,USA


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What Elder Abuse? We Do Not Have Them! (International)

By Andrew Chadwick

Yes, this appear to be the stance many politicians are taking. “Don’t you know there is an global financial crisis?”

It is as though a financial crisis just completely “wiped out” child abuse, elder abuse, and other social abhorrences.

My question is simply- Why the various countries have allowed the crisis to occur in the first place?

I may be naïve, but I believe that governments have allowed the “fat cats” to plunge our economies to the present depth of sorrows. There must be lessons learnt, and it is now up to the various governments to do more than bankroll the guilty parties.

Coming back to funding cuts to various social services, especially those that will affect the welfare of the most vulnerable in our society; children and elderly.

As this blog is about Elder Abuse, I will just comment on this issue. The plight of many elderly who had been abused is real. Their pains and trauma do not disappear according to the health of the economy.

We must not allow ourselves to be de-sensitized to the plight of the frail and needy in good times or bad.

One email from a visitor to this site, brought tears to my eyes. In that email, this man outlined how he was systematically conned out of his retirement fund, by none other than his own son. The last line of his email states:

“ I am nearing 78 years, now without any retirement funds……..I have all but lost hope.”

Let us continue to be human. Let us NOT de-humanized the frail and the needy, by forgetting them and deprive them of help and services; even in times of economic downturn.

We now read, on a daily basis, about budget cuts to a range of services. This is happening all over the world.

My Plea:

Let us speak up for the frail and vulnerable in our society. We may be the ones who would need those vital social services in the near future.


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