Alimony and Richmond County Divorce Lawyers: Selecting a Competent Law Firm

Evans GA spousal maintenance attorneys spousal maintenance payments are happening and well in the Georgia divorce system.

If you earn substantially more money than a spouse to whom you have been married for many years, there is a huge chance you will be asked to give some maintenance.

However, alimony generally isnt awarded for short marriages or where you and your spouse earn nearly the same amount. If you are granted a spousal support order but your spouse refuses to make the necessary payments, take immediate legal action to enforce the order by a contempt proceeding or an earnings assignment order. alimony orders have the same force as any other court order and, if dealt appropriately, can be enforced with the very real possibility of getting regular payments. When necessary, a judge may jail a reluctant payor to demonstrate that it means business.

Spousal Support is of three types:

Permanent spousal maintenance – the paying party continues making the payments until death or till the spouse granted the payments remarries.  

Temporary maintenance – the alimony payments are made over a short period of time to enable the receiving spouse to stand alone once again.  


alimony – is given to to assist a spouse with lower  employability or earning capacity become adjusted to a new post-marital life.

Marital Settlement Agreements in a Augusta Georgia divorce

Richmond County GA divorce law firm

A marital settlement agreement explains the terms of the divorce and the relationship between the two parties following the divorce. These agreements usually cover property division, child custody, child plans, debt division, spousal support and any other relevant issues connected to the divorce.


While it is not necessary, filing a marital settlement agreement does have some advantages:

  • details all of the understandings on paper, avoiding uncertainty.
  • The parties might not have to go to court. The judge may honor the written agreement if its written correctly and covers all material aspects of the divorce.
  • Shows to the court that major issues were resovled, and the case will move more quickly though the system.

Marital settlement agreements may be entered into at any time before the final decree. They are generally filed with the final order.

If a spouse is receiving welfare, the DAs office may be required to review and sign the marital settlement agreement prior to court filing.

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