Protect Your Social Security Number

“Everybody has a Social Security number to which every bit of information about a person is tied. All someone has to do is type an SSN into an SSN search site and the subject’s bank account number, residence, phone number and other details such dental or criminal records are revealed. While this information is relevant if the one inquiring about you is out to prove your reliability, the danger is when somebody plans to steal your identity through an SSN search. Below are tips so that you can avoid this situation:

Nowadays, just about everyone wants your Social Security number – phone companies, video stores, health clubs, etc. It can be someone who wants to know your credit rating, then find out whether you pay your bills or not. Some use your name and address changes to keep track of you.

Some companies use social security numbers of people and make them part of their marketing list. This will serve as their leads. These numbers make the marketing list more important to them.

The higher the number of persons who see your SSN, the more vulnerable you are to identity theft, that is, somebody posing as you by using your name and credit rating to embezzle money.

Today, many Americans have been victimized by this crime. These costs are eventually passed on to consumers.

There are certain business establishments who ask for your SSN but there are certain agencies that really demand for it. Tax departments, welfare departments or motor vehicle departments are some of these agencies that demand your SSN. Transactions that involve taxes like banks, brokerages, employers and the like have a legitimate need for your Social Security number. You must remember that most other businesses don’t have the legal right to demand your social security number. But remember that you have the right to say no to these businesses. Offer to provide them an alternative identification card. If they insist, then refrain from doing any business with them. Remember, it’s also possible that they would refuse to provide the product or service that you are seeking.

Chances are, a good number of companies that routinely ask for an SSN will agree to do business with you even if you refrain from providing them the number. These companies may ask for a Social Security number to open an account but the information is not required. It is just part of the record of the customer.

There are other businesses establishments that follow certain standards if consumers refuse to disclose their social security number. They ask them to fill out a questionnaire to find out their payment history. Doing this; they won’t have to do credit checks. They will only count on the person’s words.”

There remain legitimate reasons for SSN checks. If you must run one, start with a social security name search. If you just need basic details about the person such as telephone numbers or addresses, a free ssn search should be enough. But for more in-depth information, you may have to upgrade to a paid service.

Medical Malpractice – Generally

A professional medical malpractice legal action is usually a case which looks at the behaviour of a professional in their area of expertise. Actions for medical malpractice will be based on Georgia law to incorporate any claim for damages resulting from the death of or injury to anyone arising out of the following:

1.Health, medical, dental or surgical service, diagnosis, prescription, treatment, or care delivered by a person qualified by law to perform these kinds of service or by anyone operating under the guidance and control of the lawfully authorized person; or

2.Treatment or service rendered by any public or private medical center, nursing home, clinic, hospital authority, facility or establishment or by an officer, agent or member of staff thereof operating inside the range of their employment.

Anyone practicing or administering medicine should give the exercise of his/her profession that amount of attention and expertise usually expected of other professionals in like and comparable situations. Any kind of injury resulting to an individual from a lack of this kind of care and expertise will be a tort (a private or civil wrong or injury as opposed to a breach of contract) for which recovery may be had. Put simply, if the health care rendered by a physician or any other medical professional drops beneath the necessary standard and you might be injured as a result, you could have a case for medical malpractice.

Get hold of an excellent injury attorney that has a history of success in representing individuals that have been victims of medical malpractice. In addition, a talented lawyer will probably deal with a network of specialists who can review your case to decide if medical mistakes occurred. Therefore, if you or somebody has been injured because of medical malpractice, speak to a qualified accidental injury attorney for a free preliminary consultation to find out about submitting a claim.

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Grades of Care House Attention

Care giving homes offer around-the-clock professional medical care to patients with persistent ailments or sufferers recuperating from severe diseases who need competent nursing treatment however don’t require to be hospitalized.

Also referred to as “long-term attention facilities,” nursing houses differ by the degree of attention offered. There are 3 degrees of care:

  • Professional care
  • Intermediate attention
  • Custodial treatment

The degree of care is directly related to whether or not Medicare will pay for the attention and facilities that you or your beloved gets in a nursing home. So, if you are in requirement of long-term care and you’re depending on Medicare, you need to know a few issues about the tiers of care that nursing houses provide.

What is Medicare insurance?

Medicare is a wellness insurance plan which is operated by the federal government. The organization in charge of operating Medicare insurance is the Centers for Medicaid as well as Medicare insurance Companies (“CMS”).

Medicare is divided into a number of “parts.” Medicare insurance “Part A” provides for hospital insurance policy, which includes inpatient care in “skilled nursing facilities.” Generally, Medicare doesn’t pay for long-term care in a nursing house. Rather, it will help spend only for skilled nursing home health attention.

Experienced Care

Competent treatment is nursing and rehabilitative care which is prescribed by a medical doctor and is delivered on a daily basis by skilled medical personnel for instance nurses or practitioners. Skilled care is generally offered to help sufferers in the course of recovery following hospitalization for therapy of severe problems.

Medicare Part A insures all fees for experienced treatment. Some examples of points that meet the criteria as “skilled care” and Component A insurance include:

  • Intravenous or intramuscular injections plus intravenous feeding
  • Insertion and sterile cleansing as well as replacement of suprapubic catheters
  • Application of dressings including prescriptions and aseptic techniques
  • Rehab services, but only if the service needs a certified psychologist, such as therapeutic as well as range of motion workouts

Medicare will spend for as much as 100 days of experienced attention. Nonetheless, because skilled attention is so narrowly defined, Medicare payments will generally continue for just a short time, and so are short term.

Intermediate Care

Intermediate care is provided intermittently, or periodically, for sufferers who are recuperating from serious conditions nevertheless usually do not require steady treatment or every day therapeutic services. Intermediate care is supplied by experienced professionals for example registered or certified practical nurses, and therapists, under the guidance of a doctor.

Medicare insurance Part A doesn’t cover intermediate treatment in nursing homes. Some instances of intermediate care include:

  • Preparing of meals
  • Housekeeping as well as laundry services
  • Providing and dispensing medicines

Custodial Treatment

Custodial care provides assistance to sufferers in every day activities for example bathing, dressing, toileting, and feeding. Custodial attention is generally required as a result of long-term sicknesses that reduce a person’s capability to stay independent. While custodial treatment must be supervised by a physician, not every custodial care ought to be delivered by competent experts and it is regularly offered by nurse’s aides.

Medicare insurance Component A does not insure the expenses of custodial attention.

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Understanding a Contested Divorce

If you happen to apply for divorce within the state of Georgia you take the initial step down a road which can often be bumpy dependent on the people taking part as well as the dynamic which is present between them. There are lots of details which have to be decided upon whenever a couple might be divorcing, such as the division of property and other shared assets, and this can be contentious at times. Property and assets are usually one thing, however debt is another. Nearly all couples are going to have mutually assumed debt that you need to divide too. After this you really need to take into account the possibility of spousal support, and if you agree that it’s applicable, you will need to determine all of the particulars.


Besides the economic aspects of the terms, situations pursuant to any children also have to be attended to. The very first of these would be custody, and there are 2 different types of custody: physical as well as legal. Physical custody is rather self explanatory, dealing with a child’s primary place of residence. Legal custody will involve decision making on behalf of the children, on the subject of things like health care, spiritual affiliations along with which schools to attend. After this is decided visitation schedules will have to be worked out,  and naturally child support payments will likely be required.


As you can see, there are numerous issues which must be determined, and when the husband and wife are able to arrive at an arrangement on them all, the divorce moves on uncontested. However whenever they cannot, a contested divorce proceeding is the result, and this particular course could be expensive and time-consuming, plus it could also get ugly for want of a better word. A court would always prefer that the married couple get to conditions by themselves, particularly on the subject of any children, and throughout Georgia a legal court might direct the individuals to a 3rd party mediator before listening to the case in order to push the matter toward a voluntary resolution. Few if any of us will feel happy allowing the state to determine our fate as well as that of our own children, however this is just what takes place whenever a divorce proceeding is contested and no arrangement can be arrived at. 


For those who have questions or worries regarding a contested divorce proceeding, speak to a Atlanta divorce law firm to request a complimentary discussion. A good custody lawyer Atlanta GA can offer the assistance you may need with any aspect of a Atlanta GA divorce.

Take Control with the Self Directed IRA LLC

Self directed IRAs are popular because they allow people to control their investments the way that they want to.  Taking another step further in control is the self directed IRA LLC, and IRA set up with a Limited Liability Company structure. In this form, the account holder can instruct the custodian to invest in the LLC that he manages himself. The LLC is a business enterprise using elements of partnership businesses and corporate structure.  The self directed IRA LLC minimizes custodial fees because the involvement of the account custodian or trustee is restricted. The start-up charges for the account will be higher due to the complexity , and it is a good idea to consult with an incorporation specialist or attorney before beginning . The profits from the LLC with the IRA receive tax deductible status. A landmark case in 1996   authorized investors the right to pass profits they receive through the LLC directly into the IRA and keep the same favorable tax treatment. The account holder of the self directed IRA LLC is usually the only one with authority for the LLC and all associated monetized accounts. The same rules apply for use of the retirement funds as with any IRA, and the investment options are similar to other kinds of self directed plans . The holder could decide on traditional investments including stocks, bonds and mutual funds, or go for less traditional investment vehicles such as tax liens and real estate notes. In the self directed IRA LLC the custodian is usually not directed to make the transaction, and does not have the ability to limit the owner to certain kinds of investments. The account holder has checkbook control over the plan and the ability to make investment decisions immediately , even by just writing a check. For those individuals who are confident about their investment philosophy, the self directed IRA LLC offers the most control over their retirement money.