12 Things I’m Sorry I Learned on Twitter This Week

This post is for the lawyers out there doing something a little strange, like actually practicing law. Lest you have any anxiety about what you miss while you make a living, we’ve been busy keeping our eyes on the Twitter prize for you. Here’s what you unfortunately didn’t need to know:

  1. How to you know if you’re too fat to fly
  2. 7 Things Really Really Persuasive People Do
  3. A woman rides a commuter train and eats mayonnaise out of a jar
  4. There is a lot to be said for making your stuffing in the crockpot!
  5. A guy walks down the street with an actual boombox blaring Thrift Shop
  6. Playing computer games together makes brains feel and think alike
  7. The 1980s were great years if you were law firm associates
  8. Why it still matters that the Pope is Catholic
  9. How Selfies And an iPhone App Could Get You A Better-Fitting Bra
  10. Dog turns bunny in 3.2 seconds
  11. Julia Roberts: I’m EXPECTING… Do YOU think she’s pregnant?
  12. Some days we just have a long way to go

OK, maybe I’ll take that last one. And if you’re still with me, thanks. Go ahead, get back to work, finish up your Friday, go home to your wife, husband, partner, kids, dog, whoever or whatever you miss while you’re gone. And maybe consider Twitter next year. You’re good for now.

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