10 Lawyer Gifty Things Available on Etsy

Ah, the time of year where a distant uncle or a vague acquaintance believes that you, as a lawyer, need a Christmas gift that says “hey, you’re a lawyer.” Typically, it means cufflinks, a “Keep Calm and Litigate On” poster, a t-shirt that says “Trust Me I’m a Lawyer,” or one of the 14 billion scales of justice pendants that exist in the world. Etsy, the online bastion of things handmade, vintage, ironic, and often cool, is no different. And if that uncle or acquaintance needs some tips in finding a perfect “Hey, you’re a lawyer” gift, here are ten at least worth considering.

Saul Goodman Lego Minifigure


While Etsy and everywhere else is full of Saul Goodman products, a custom-made Saul Goodman Lego minifigure is the best of the bunch, though pricey. $29.95. See also, Lego minifigure judge necklace for $15.00.

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