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There are three big reasons why you should include options in your investment portfolio (vs. just trading stocks):

How can options do all this and help you consistently and safely grow your portfolio by 5-8% each month?

This is why we at theOptionWiz.com post trades structured to collect premiums from selling options (instead of simply buying a straight call or put). While most options traders assume the role of the gambler….. we stack the odds in our favor and play the roll of the casino.

Depending on the size and volume of your trading activity, these premiums consistently can deliver 5-8+% per month in profits. That adds up to a 60-96% ROI for the year! And for those of you with an even bigger appetite for profits, we also offer more aggressive trades as well!

When most portfolios are still reeling from the financial meltdown of ’08 and ’09, earning up to 96% ROI in just one year sounds almost impossible, right?

Well it isn’t—you just need to “think outside the box” when it comes to traditional stock investing.

Hi, we’re Dan and Mike and we are the creators of TheOptionWiz.com. We’re not some hot shot internet marketers with a gimmick. We are actual Registered Investment Advisers with more than 31 years combined stock and option trading experience. We also happen manage a Hedge Fund. In the summer of 2010, we created an investing system for the retail investor focused upon strategies that collect premiums for out of the money options that have a 80% or higher chance of expiring worthless… The OptionWiz was born.

When designing a trade, we first carefully analyze the underlying stock and its performance over an extended period of time. We then take delta, theta, gamma, and volatility into consideration before devising low risk trades…

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