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James selects the top 3 Stocks on the 1st Sunday of Every Month from the TSX Venture Exchange. All for just $49 Per Month

The current gold price correction is the best opportunity to come along in the new year, and smart investors are going to maximize leverage to the gold price by investing in juniors.

But its not easy. 95% of the companies out there are never going to put a mine into production, or make a discovery. You need to know who’s got the “been there, done that” track record that indicates a strong chance of another win. MidasLetter’s sole objective is to find these companies, and identify 5 of them each and every month, along with strategy and exit points.

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for Seafield Resources today. Got in at $.37 this morning! I was shocked! You are awesome! $30K in one day is what makes your newsletter priceless!”

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